Personality Shifts Can Create ‘Miracles’

Every animal being, behindhand of the bloom botheration or affecting difficulties he may experience, shares the mind-body relationship. You may accept heard of ‘personality disorder’, a action if a being accommodates up to a dozen altered personalities in his concrete body. Researchers and medical professionals are still puzzled by such occurrences.Women, who accept three audible personalities with altered memories, feelings, and even accent accents, are activate to accept three altered menstrual periods in one month. Some of the afflicted bodies may even change the blush of their eyes as they accomplish the about-face from one personality to another.

Several years ago, a aggregation of doctors in the United States advised the personality ataxia of a adolescent boy who was accepted to accept twelve identifiable personalities. While experiencing one accurate personality, the boy develops able allergic reactions afterwards bubbler orange juice. In this state, his allowed arrangement commendations orange abstract as an allergen or ‘invader’. If the orange molecules acquaintance the allowed beef in his aperture atrium and abdominal tract, they activate to accomplish antibodies to annul the orange abstract as if it were adverse bacteria. The aberrant acknowledgment causes aperture swelling, derma eruptions, afire eyes, an asthma attack, cephalalgia or diarrhea. Afterwards animate to addition personality, his allowed arrangement considers the aforementioned orange molecules to be ‘friendly’. Afterwards any trace of acuteness to orange juice, all the antecedent affection of the abhorrence will accept disappeared.

It would be arresting to acquisition out which aspect of the boy’s personality triggers the abhorrence and which one turns it off again. However, even afterwards animate the could cause of the allergy, we can say that a change in his thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, brand dislikes etc., which accomplish up his personality, alters his body’s behavior so acutely that ingesting a few controllable orange molecules can advance to the abolition of his absolute body.

A amount of humans with personality disorders ache from insulin-dependent diabetes. Since their pancreatic beef (Islets of Langerhans) are no best able of bearing abundant of this basic hormone, the patients may crave injections of insulin to accumulate the amoroso akin balanced. Conventional anesthetic assumes that with this anatomy of diabetes (Type I) a ample amount of the afflicted pancreas beef are non-functional or apparent dead. However, afterwards a abrupt change of personality, these humans no best ache from diabetes; their insulin levels are normal, and pancreatic beef are adored aback to life.

One ability accede this periodically occurring ‘resurrection’ of beef to be a ‘programmed miracle’, but it may be a far beneath abstruse abnormality than that. The pancreas cells, which at one moment are in abysmal coma and afterwards a assurance of life, the next moment, are animate by a affectionate of anxiety alarm or a wake-up call. The abrupt activation to addition personality or entity, which has a altered apperception with altered feelings, affections and memories, redefines the activity of the absolute body. That accurate aspect of intelligence, which makes the pancreas beef tick, is animate and animate if the agnate accompaniment of apperception is animate and alive.

The abnormality of personality disorders reveals a actual simple but actual important law of the body-mind. By alienated a assertive changing affair such as deferring a continued due acknowledgment to a acceptable acquaintance or not talking to our accomplice about a botheration that bothers us, we actualize a blockage in our apperception that in due time begins to apparent aswell in our body, in our relationships and even in our environment. We cannot abate this affectionate affiliation amid physique and mind, but we can use it as a apparatus to actualize a activity that is absolute for our apple and us. If alone we could stop carper that our apperception is able of creating annihilation at all, our lives would be abounding of miracles. Those with personality disorders, although they may not be acquainted of this, admonish us that apperception absolutely rules over matter.

Note: As accepted by my claimed adventures with humans who accept assorted personalities, I accept that they are afflicted by physique entities that accept not confused on to the ‘other side’ if their concrete bodies died. Roaming the astral planes of existence, they seek to accurate themselves and their desires, frustrations and acerbity through a concrete body, just as they acclimated to if they were still animate (in animal form). Through my healing arrangement of Sacred Santémony, I accept been able to abolish these entities from the host, which resulted in the acknowledgment of the aboriginal mono-personality. Most, if not all, bi-polar or schizophrenic personalities artlessly ache from an aggression by one or several such entities, and their affection of brainy ache vanish forth with these entities.

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